Preux & Proper Downtown Los Angeles

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The Tweela woman is a cultural connoisseur. She enjoys expanding her taste to explore new restaurants, bars, parties and other events that take place in the cities she calls home. As a Los Angeles based fashion company, here on the Tweela blog we curate the cultural connoisseur perspective for our city. Whether you are a Tweela woman local to the area, or one who dreams of visiting someday, stay tuned for the latest on the new and noteworthy updates to the Los Angeles scene. Today, we share our experience dining at ...

Beauty Trends For Spring 2015

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Throughout the season thus far, we have been showcasing some of the trends that are appearing in the fashions at Today, we turn the tables to a different yet related topic. Join us as we walk through some of the top beauty trends for spring 2015 in the areas of lips, nails and hair. This way, you can style your Tweela fashions as part of a complete look from head to toe for maximum fashion impact. (more…)

How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

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Happy Friday - Friday the 13th that is! While some people may consider that an unlucky day, we think today is a lucky day for you. This is because we have another Tweela Tutorial for you: How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe. Once you have finished learning how to spring clean your wardrobe, you can clear out plenty of space for fun new fashions from Tweela! (more…)

Tweela Savings For Daylight Savings

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Last Sunday, March 8th, our clock "sprung ahead" one hour as we welcomed the spring edition of Daylight Savings Time. As you may have noticed, the days are officially getting longer as it stays light out and we creep closer to summer! Hopefully since you have been able to catch up on that missing hour of sleep. However, if you are still feeling a little weary and in need of some retail therapy, we have been inspired to bring you Tweela Savings for Daylight Savings! (more…)

Fashion Accessories For Spring 2015

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Hello to all of our favorite Tweela ladies! Thank you for stopping by. Today, we are excited to share a look at fashion accessories for spring 2015. If you have not had the chance to come check out our website recently, we have a couple of things going on. First of all, there is the MAJOR end of season sale, clearing out winter merchandise to make room for the new season. These amazing and affordable styles are sure to be gone quick, so if you have not already placed your ...

St. Patrick’s Day Around The World

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Now that we have sailed into the month of March, a big focus for people worldwide becomes St. Patrick's Day celebrating! While one would generally associate this holiday with Ireland, prominent festivities are had in all different locations, most notably Great Britain, Canada, United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. We thought it would be fun to take a little peek at how the celebrations are similar and different throughout the world on March 17th. Come travel with Tweela to find out more about St. Patrick's Day around the world! Great ...

It’s A Tweela Garden Party! Fresh Florals Now Here

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Are you currently shopping for spring clothes for juniors to add to your wardrobe? We can definitely help you out with that. As you may have read last week, we currently have a great end of season sale going on. This is to make room for new spring clothes for juniors, and as of this week they are arriving in full force. What is one trend among these new arrivals of spring clothes for juniors? It is a garden party at Tweela! Spring has sprung, and we have all the different types ...

Tweela End of Season Clearance Sale!

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If you are seeking out cheap fashion for juniors, you will definitely want to listen up! If you have not already realized from visiting our site, Tweela is having a major sale on both our apparel and our accessories right now. As we prepare to go full-tilt into the spring season, we need to make room for our new designs. Therefore, the end of season sale is a huge blowout, with up to 80% off styles you have been lusting after all season long! In terms of cheap fashion for ...